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Hopewell Counseling

Group Therapy


North Austin DBT Process Group for Girls

A supportive counseling group​ ​for teen girls. 

Hopewell Counseling is excited to launch a new weekly, open  group for teen girls, grades 9-12, who want a positive, safe, social  environment where they can:    

● Learn new strategies to improve family & peer relationships  

● Address painful thoughts & emotions  

● Develop positive communication skills in order to foster  personal growth & change  

TBA.  Cost per session is $40 and a 5 session commitment is required to participate.  Please call or email from more information.   

Recovery Care - Eating Disorder Process Group

A process group for teens and young adults transitioning from inpatient treatment to out patient care.  The group will incorporate DBT, Somatic Experiencing as well as Internal Family therapy (IFS) skills.

Girls will :

  • share day to day challenges & successes of recovery
  • work on body image concerns 
  • heal and repair relationship
  • manage stressors 
  • strengthen & renew a sense of self

Date and Time To Be Determined


Interested teens and/or parents can contact ​Simone Zeschuk, LMFT at (​512) 698-0437​ to schedule a ​1 hour consult session.